My Grandma's Engagement Ring.

My Grandmother passed away 6th November 2008. I loved her dearly, and still do. She was my rock. Always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. Always the straight shooter. She would tell you exactly what she thought and never sugar coated anything. I was not able to go to her funeral. You see she was in New Zealand and I was in the USA. It just tore me apart not to be there. November 2008 was not a good year. My husbands mother, my mother-in-law whom I loved dearly was very sick too. These two people whom I adored both died within 10 days of one another. My birthday 26th November was needless to say it was a very somber one for me. Anyway. My grandmother left me her engagement ring. It has been in New Zealand for the past year waiting to get to me. I did not want it posted to me as I was so worried it would go missing in the mail. My bestfriends husband was coming to the states. This would be the perfect person to bring it to me safely. Well this birthday couldn't have been anymore special if I had tried. I recieved nana's ring on my birthday! Yes there were tears. The flood gates opened. But happy tears. I now have a peice of nana with me for all time. It has a place around my neck on a chain. Close to my heart forever. Thank you nana. Here is a picture of nana's ring.